Cooling Tower Fans

Industrial Fans

Next Generation Industrial Fiberglass Fans for Cooling Towers, Air Cooled Heat Exchangers and Evaporators

Available from 5 feet to 40 feet in diameter, the Swifter® CTX Series high performance, high efficiency, low noise industrial fans are ideally suited for commercial process cooling applications such as cooling towers, air cooled heat exchangers, chillers, condensers, radiators & evaporators. Fans are adjustable pitch and offered in various blade configurations. These industrial fiberglass (FRP) axial fans are available for original equipment or replacement. They are perhaps the best industrial fans on the market.

HVLS Ceiling Fans


HVLS Series HVLS Ceiling Fans for Efficiently Cooling Warehouses and Very Large Spaces

Available in sizes 10, 12, 14 and 16 feet in diameter, the Swifter® HVLS Series is a new and innovative industrial ceiling fan. Applications for this high efficiency ceiling fan include assembly plants, industrial warehouses, manufacturing & process plants, big box stores, schools and university halls, large dairy sheds, gymnasiums, as well as commercial buildings such as malls, theaters, sports arenas and airports. Best of all, this industrial ceiling fan can run on solar power, and when necessary, can switch to the grid.

Fiberglass Impellers

Fiberglass Impellers

Premium Industrial Fiberglass Impellers for Agriculture, HVAC, Exhaust, Ventilation and other Outdoor/Corrosive Applications

The Swifter® SW/SE Series, available from 20 inches to 60 inches in diameter, is a premium line of general purpose industrial impeller fans which can be used in a wide variety of applications ranging from HVAC, agriculture, misting fans, marine applications, small cooling towers, chillers, condensers, paint booths, diesel generators, greens maintenance, evaporators and spray booths. The industrial-grade molded fiberglass fan blades have many advantages over standard aluminum fan blades. For OEM market only.

Swifter ULS Series

Ultra Low Sound Fans

ULS Series Low Sound fans are used for industrial applications, where ultra-quiet performance is required.

Swifter® Ultra Low Sound Series axial fans provide ultra-quiet performance for industrial air movement applications including heat exchangers, cooling towers, mining & tunnel ventilation. The fans feature Single Piece FRP Construction, Leading Edge Protection along with a Lightweight and Robust Design. Available in diameters ranging from 5 ft. to 13 ft.